Vaporizing isn’t smoking – it’s vaporizing! But, what exactly is the difference between “vaporizing” and smoking? If we were to pick one word that best describes Vaporization vs Smoking – it would be ‘Temperature!”

So if you’re like many smokers out there, the chances are good that you’ve had friends explain the numerous benefits of vaping and vapor products to you. Whether you’re more interested in exploring vaping out of a desire to quit smoking, or simply wish to experience new flavors using an oil pen or a dry herb vaporizer, there’s plenty to enjoy! Although vaping may initially seem somewhat complicated, it doesn’t have to be! We’ve created this brief guide as an introduction to vaping essentials for those who are new to these particular products. Just follow these steps outlined below, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the benefits of a dry herb vaporizer and vapes in no time!